Podcast Episode #13: Dr. Kelly Starrett

StrongFirst Podcast Episode #13


Dr. Kelly Starrett talks with Craig Marker about energy, conditioning, and transferring well. Dr. Starrett is a coach, bodily therapist, creator, speaker, and blogger, along with the owner of San Francisco Crossfit and MobilityWOD.com.

Show Notes

01:15 – Dr. Starrett talks about his early work and his relationship with Pavel and StrongFirst.

02:50 – Dr. Starrett talks about his upcoming 70-mile motorcycle journey and the best way he demanding conditions himself.

09:15 – What Dr. Starrett is doing for his minimal dose and GPP.

13:36 – Dr. Starrett’s concepts on the bent press.

21:40 – Dr. Starrett discusses his concepts on ft being instantly forward in squats.

28:55 – Dr. Starrett talks regarding the need to look after a excellent place.

30:30 – Dialogue of what Dr. Starrett is working on presently.

33:09 – Dr. Starrett talks about his work with Gray Cook dinner dinner.

35:39 – Dr. Starrett says everyone should work to remain it straightforward.

three Key Points:

A really highly effective issue is maintaining energy and elasticity.
All excellent teaching fashions should be explanatory, predictable, and repeatable.
You need to coach in a position that transfers into totally different shapes.

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