Nerdy Lady Entered The Ring and No one Suspected That She Might Kick The Trainers Butt

Germaine Yeap is a famend Muay Thai championship fighter, however to the unfortunate workers at one Malaysian health club, she was simply one other wimpy nerd hopelessly making an attempt to bulk up. They’d no concept who she was, and after watching her feebly hit a punching bag, why ought to they?

Yeap spared with one of many trainers, who informed her, “I don’t suppose you’ll harm me; it’ll be protected,” whereas one other added, “Don’t be scared. It’s not salsa.” Lastly, after being fake-knocked down, the actual Yeap got here out, and he or she went to city on that poor man.

His ego by no means stood an opportunity. “Do you want a break?”

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